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5G Cellular Routers for High Speed  Internet 

Works with any Cell Phone SIM card / 

Works with any Data plan SIM card

T-Mobile, Verizon or  AT&T  SIM Cards

How It Works



Purchase 5G Router

Net Buddy 5G Router


Cudy 5G Router 


LT 500 4G Router

Net Buddy Outdoor Router
Coming Soon

Alternative to External Outdoor Antennas

LT 18 4G Router


Purchase a SIM Card – Data Plan / Phone  Plan from your favorite retailer

The routers if configured correctly use the unlimited data portion of any plan whether phone plan or Hotspot plan.


Step 3- Configure Router Settings – Insert SIM – Enjoy your unlimited Internet

Routers have special tweaks that will allow it to tap into the inexpensive unlimited data portion of any plan whether it’s a SIM card purchased for a cell phone or a SIM card purchased for a data device.


Optimal Settings for Net Buddy 5G Router Suncomm

Log into router’s admin page

TTL Setting

Click TTL button on left to enter TTL page.
Enable TTL –
Set TTL to 64 –

IP Type Setting

Click APN tab on left to enter APN page –
Click IP type drop down and select IPV4/IPV6 –

APN Setting

Click APN tab on left to enter APN page –
On APN list click edit
Enter correct APN.
ATT APN = nxtgenphone –
Cricket APN = ndo
Verizon APN = vzwinternet –
Visible APN = vsblinternet
TMobile APN works on Auto


If you are using a cell phone sim card to take advantage of the unlimited data from that SIM card put the IMEI number of your cell phone  or any cell phone’s IMEI number into IMEI edit and save.

Reboot Router

Optimal Settings for Cudy Router

Log into router’s admin page

Not getting good enough speeds?

Try these external antennas on Amazon.

If they don’t provide extra signal you can return them promptly, taking advantage of’s excellent return policy

4×4 MIMO Directional







2×2 MIMO Omni Directional







Paddle Antennas









How Do I Cancel My Service?

Cancel towards the end of your service date. Sign in and go to subscriptions and Cancel your subscription.

The Service Doesn't Work in My Area, How Do I Go About Getting A Refund?

Fill out RMA Form to Notify Net Buddy that you want to return router and / or cancel service.

Net Buddy will immediately stop service and recurring billing.

Must be started within 10 days of delivery.

Send router to Net Buddy 590 Bloomfield Ave. Suite 253 Bloomfield NJ. 07003. We will grant refund upon receipt of router.

Are these internet Plans Data unlimited?

Yes. Use as much Data as you want.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes. When you purchase plan and router together there is a money back guarantee on items if service doesn’t work for you.

I have my own Netgear Nighthawk router. Can I use that?


Your Netgear Nighthawk as it stands WILL NOT work with our service

I have a Mofi router. Can I use that?


Your Mofi as it stands WILL NOT work with our service

Can I buy just the service (SIM card) because I have my own router?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. We only guarantee service or your money back when you purchase service with our routers.

Your Netgear Nighthawk or Mofi as it stands WILL NOT work with our service.



Net Buddy is a company that provides internet services for homes and businesses.

They specialize in providing 4G LTE and 5G wireless internet solutions as an alternative to traditional wired internet connections.

They sell routers and other equipment needed to set up and use their wireless internet service.

They offer different plans with different data usage and speeds. They are mostly focused on providing internet services in rural and underserved areas, where traditional wired internet infrastructure may not be available.


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