T-Mobile Resubscribe – Recurring Monthly Service- Existing Customers Only

$54.99 / month

Note: Only order this service to be used with our routers only.
100% Money back guaranteed on service and our equipment. 

Use of this sim card / service in your own equipment purchased outside of Net Buddy is at your own risk. No refunds if SIM card don’t work in your non Net Buddy equipment.

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    • HOW IT WORKS - Add SIM card to cart * Choose router & add to cart * Complete the purchase*
      Router & SIM card will be  activated and
       shipped USPS Priority  * Plug in your  router and enjoy your unlimited data  internet service -
      Money back guarantee on items if service doesn’t work in your area. 
    • Your non Net Buddy router as it stands WILL NOT work with our service.
      We do not guarantee service on routers purchased outside of Net Buddy.