Netgear Unite Explore 815S 4G LTE Mobile Wifi Rugged Hotspot -Refurbished.


Device And Battery

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4G LTE speeds on the AT&T network. Share your speed with others. Connect up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet. You even have a special guest Wi-Fi option for added security with one-time visitors. Share your Wi-Fi connection or share AT&T Unite Pro – it can go with whoever needs it for the day.  Work and play longer

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  • Rugged design that is dustproof, shock and water-resistant
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Travel the world with 4G LTE roaming + 4G LTE Advanced-capable device for ultimate download speeds
  • Secure with content filtering/parental controls
  • Share a connection safely using Guest WiFi and set an optional timer.