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How It Works

Step 1

Purchase a portable hotspot or a 4g router from your favorite retailer

Suggested Routers Click Here


Step 2

Buy Our Activated Data SIM Card.
This SIM card has the unlimited data plan. The SIM card goes into compatible devices and enables the device to have  unlimited internet.

Step 3 - Enjoy Your Unlimited Internet @ $60/ Mo.

  • Receive your activated SIM in Mail
  • Put SIM card in Your Hotspot or 4G router
  • Power on Device
  • You now have unlimited internet for $60/mo
  • Auto Pay will be active and billing cycle is every 30 days.

Alternative Step 1

Purchase a portable hotspot or a 4g router

Suggested Routers Click Here


Alternative Step 2

Buy AT&T compatible (GSM) SIM card from your favorite retailer. (Where to Buy SIM card Click Here)

Purchse Remote Activation Click Here

Send us The SIM number or picture of the SIM number via Email.

We activate your SIM card with our data plan remotely.

Alternative Step 3 - Enjoy Your Unlimited Internet @ $60/ Mo.


  • Put SIM card in Your Hotspot or 4G router
  • Power on Device
  • You now have unlimited internet for $60/mo

Our No Risk Promise

Think Net Buddy’s “Unlimited” 4G data plan sounds too good to be true?  

Try it risk free for 7 days and see for yourself!

If you decide this plan is not right for you,

simply cancel plan for a full refund on the service.

Is your home or workplace in an area with little to no internet?

You can now connect to the web in rural areas, while traveling, and in locations that are under served by the major internet service providers. The solution is Net Buddy high-speed internet, using 4G LTE on the AT&T network.

Watch Netflix and Youtube all day. Live stream all day.

Connect your phone or laptop to the wireless signal  from the Net Buddy Hot Spot. Use 1000GB or more of data a month if you need to. It doesn’t matter. Service is uncapped. All for only $60 per month


  • Click the link
  • On, select AT&T as provider
  • Select 4G LTE
  • Scroll down and insert your address location in the location search box.

I live in rural northeast Texas. I replaced my home internet w/Net Buddy’s Solution. DSL and satellite were our only options, but now we have Net Buddy.

Jedd M.

Serial Entrepreneur

I am never home. I’m always on the go. I love my Netflix. I binge watch often. With the Net Buddy  unlimited data plan, I connect my laptop to my hotspot and watch Netflix all day in HD. @ $60/mo. I save a lot of money with the uncapped data. 

Janice U.

Regional Director, Rising Tide Captital

I employ the 4G Internet router  at construction sites under my management. This internet solution is very useful.

Tony S.

Construction Manager.

I am a Facebook and Youtube content creator. I live stream from my cell phone. I have 100,000 + Youtube & FB followers. Before I go “live” I connect my cell phone to the Net Buddy hotspot worry free.

Shioban T.

Content Creator,